TimeSpinners™ for the iPad - Version 2.0 with multi-tasking support now in App Store!

TimeSpinners 2.0 now supports multi-tasking so you can use the alarms across applications. Set up any number of TimeSpinner timers with any countdown time and switch to another app and you will be notified by the TimeSpinner alarms you set. The pushed alarm lets you view it or just close the alarm and continue what you were doing in the other app.

SpinThought® TimeSpinners is the perfect app for cooks, parents, board gamers, or anyone who needs to set a number of countdown timers to keep track of whatever activity they choose. It's perfect in the kitchen for keeping track of dishes and recipes, all easily accessible in TimeSpinner's browser integrated user interface.

Timers List

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  • Create any number of separate timers with their own titles.
  • Supports multi-tasking for across app alarm notifications.
  • Set each timer for any countdown time.
  • Drag to place the timers anywhere on the screen.
  • Save your timers for future use for cooking, teaching, parenting.
  • Choose from several different alarm sounds or none.
  • Pick from a palette of colors for the timer numbers.
  • Timer settings let you decide how you want the timers to work.
  • Settings

    Clip to Evernote

    • Easy to use standard spin-dial time setting.
    • Tap to start the countdown, tap again to pause a timer.
    • Comes with easy to access "QuickHelp" and easy to understand full help.
    • Access the built-in browser view to look up recipes and bookmark them for future use.
    • Personalize TimeSpinners by choosing a picture for the timer wall background.


    Screen capture a recipe from the built-in browser (just display the page and hold down the sleep button and press the home key to send a capture of the web page to your Photo Gallery) and add it as the wallpaper for easy access!


    Integrated Browser
    • Choose from several different alarm sounds:
    • None
    • Bell Ding
    • Game Buzzer
    • Cell Phone
    • Cow Moo
    • Desk Phone
    • Fire Alarm
    • Goat Bleats
    • Large Horn
    • Old Phone
    • New Phone
    • Pig Snorts
    • Poing Sound
    • Police Siren
    • Quarters
    • Ray Gun
    • Sheep Bleat

  • Choose the background color for the timer.
  • Choose the color for the timer numbers.
  • Colors and alarm sounds help distinguish the various alarms for easy organization.
  • Saved timers can be used over and over, and for different countdown applications.

    TimeSpinners is perfect for board games! Create individual timers for each player and have them always available when you meet with friends to play games.

    Timers Sounds

    Why Use TimeSpinners™?

    The large screen on the iPad lets you have several timers displayed and running at the same time. The idea came from cooking and board games that require specific times, for recipes or for players in a game. You can create and store timers specific to any task; great for cooks, coaches, teachers, and parents alike. Personalize the background with a picture of a board game you store in the Photo Gallery, then you never have to hunt for the rules again!

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