StoryPagesHD™ for the iPad

SpinThought® StoryPagesHD is the iPad version of our StoryPages iPhone app. StoryPagesHD was built from the ground up for the iPad! The larger screen of the iPad makes it perfect for anyone that wants to create illustrated stories, storyboards, ad campaigns, or guides of any kind and deliver them quickly and easily. StoryPagesHD lets you create storyboard style pages with your drawing in a top panel and typed text in a bottom panel like a storyboard used during movie production. In StoryPagesHD you can add drawing-only and text-only pages to truly create an illustrated book!

Coverflow StoriesView
  • Stories are presented in carousel-like coverflow control to let you find your stories quickly and easily.
  • Quick Help provides fingertip answers to button function.
  • First page preview of story with date stamp.
  • Export story via email as PDF of PNG to the gallery.
  • Create any number of stories.
  • Access app settings to customize the environment.
  • Integrated help from the StoryPagesHD web based user guide gets you started fast and keeps you up to date with tips and tricks.
  • Quick Help access to buttons and controls make memorizing the toolbar buttons easy.
  • StoryPagesHD can be used for storyboarding movie scenes, creating animations, comics, travelogues, even user guides to hardware and software with pictures and text.
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Clip to Evernote
  • Story page view uses intuitive swipe navigation so you can edit a page quickly and easily.
  • Natural looking storyboard-style page layout with the illustration at the top and text description at the bottom.
  • Storyboard, drawing-only and text-only page types.
  • Duplicate page feature for repetitive work.
  • Draw or type in fullscreen (landscape or portrait).


Once you have completed your story, in Page View you swipe left and right like a paper book to read your story. When exported as a PDF file, each StoryPagesHD page is presented as a single PDF page, even the storyboard style pages.
Story Page View

  • "Palette Dot" control hides and shows integrated tool palette.
  • Use the Palette Dot on the left or right of the iPad screen.
  • Palette access to all tools and properties can be auto-closed or stay open as a preference.
  • Color drawing pencils and shapes tools.
  • Create custom colors from the default primary colors.
  • Variable size Eraser tool.
  • Line width control from thin to very thick.
  • Offset crosshair cursor option for more precise drawing work.


Add a background from your Photo Gallery and use it as a tracing template, then remove the background image to create drawings from images.

  • StoryPagesHD uses bitmap (pixel-based) drawing tools as it's drawing format.
  • Circle, line, freeform, and rectangle shape tools give you the flexibility you need to create story illustrations.
  • Fullscreen drawing mode lets you use the entire iPad screen to draw.
  • Single tap palette access for quick tool changes without taking up space.
  • Or turn off the auto-hide feature to "stick" the palette and their drawers.
  • Unlimited undo and redo commands.
  • Drawing-only page type lets you use full screen drawing pages to enhance your story.
Shapes and Fullscreen

Background Image
  • Add any image from your Photo Gallery and adjust the transparency to use as a tracking template.
  • Or leave the image at full opacity for stories that do not require drawn art.
  • Add any screen capture from your iPad to mark up and annotate in storyboard view to use in business settings.
  • Send the marked up work to anyone using the Export to PDF feature.


You can capture any web page and use it as a background to trace, and then make modifications with the color and drawing tools to create an illustrated page with no art or drawing experience.

  • Use landscape orientation to create the illustration description for storyboard and text-only pages.
  • Landscape text entry makes writing text-only and storyboard pages more productive.
  • Text-only page type lets you use complete text pages to compliment your story telling.
  • Export your stories from the app into the iPad Photo Gallery app as PNG files to sync with your computer.
  • Quickly deliver stories or guides to anyone via MMS and send annotated photos with markups and text.
    BigTimer Colors

Page Grid View
  • Page Grid view lets you re-order and remove your pages.
  • Tap and hold to start moving a page and drop it behind or in front of another page.
  • Return to the Coverflow view to email your story directly from the app as an attached PDF file in WSIWYG format for use in other applications.
  • Full pages and storyboard style pages are presented in the PDF as one page each.
  • Or use the export to PNG feature to use the page in another iPad app by importing it from the Photo Gallery.

Why Use StoryPagesHD™?

Many of the note-taking and story writing apps try to do too much, when all you want to do is a simple page-by-page drawing with text. StoryPagesHD provides a simple user interface and navigation system to make story-telling, user manual creation, image capture markup, and any other "text and graphic" application simple to do and distribute. It works perfectly on the iPad by providing a full-screen drawing environment with a range of drawing tools, transparent tracing background support, colors and shapes, and precisicion drawing control. You can quickly create that children's story while you wait anywhere, wherever inspiration strikes!

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