StopWatches™ 2.0 for the iPad

SpinThought® StopWatches 2.0 for the iPad is the perfect app for coaches, lab personnel, photographers, gamers, or anyone who needs unique named pages of individual stopwatches that they can start at once or separately. Lap and Split buttons record times in an instant access list popover that can be exported to CSV or PDF format via an email. You can add notes to each page and each stopwatch with instant access for reference.


  • Create separate stopwatch "pages" to host over 20 stopwatches with their own identities and data tracking.
  • Arrange the stopwatches anywhere on the page to organize them as you like.
  • Select your stopwatch title from the iPad address book, or enter the name manually.
  • Pick from a palette of colors for the stopwatch numbers for easier identification between them.
  • Pages and stopwatches are automatically saved for future use.

StopWatches App Store Link

Clip to Evernote

  • Access times from any stopwatch via a popover window.
  • Comes with easy to access Quick Help and detailed integrated web help.
  • Access the built-in browser view to look up statistics or any information related to that stopwatch
  • Bookmark web pages for future use.


Screen capture any information from the web by navigating to a web page in the built-in browser and press the sleep/start and Home buttons simultaneously on your iPad. Then just add the screenshot from the Photo Gallery by using the add wallpaper feature!

Lap and Split Times

Wallpaper Background
  • Personalize StopWatches by choosing a picture for the timer wall background.
  • Backgrounds can be different for every stopwatch page.

  • Choose the color for the digits.
  • Saved stopwatches can be used over and over, for different applications.
  • Records times to the tenth of a second.


StopWatches is perfect for track & field, swimming, football, and any sport where you keep times in practice sessions. While other professional timing systems should be used for official events, StopWatches works great for practices, and individual time tracking.

Info Screen

Info Screen


  • Use the StopWatches List and open or delete stopwatches using multi-select.
  • Stopwatches that already reside on a page are grayed out and disabled for selection so you don't duplicate identical items.
  • You can add the same stopwatch to multiple pages for people participating in multiple events, so you can separately track a persons times for different events.


StopWatches makes a great lab tool as well, wherever timing is crucial for experiments, old style photographic development, and any time multiple stopwatch times are needed in convenient groups.


Why Use StopWatches 2.0?

The large screen on the iPad lets you have several StopWatches at once. The newly designed stopwatch format allows up to 21 watches to tile on one iPad screen! And with the addition of the new pages feature, and number of stopwatches can be saved and added to any number of pages. StopWatches is excellent for coaches, teachers, and parents alike. Personalize the background with a picture of your team, or grab any helpful information and save it to each stopwatch page. Don't forget to check out it's sister app, TimeSpinners, a multi-countdown timer app perfect for board games, cooking and more!

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