SoundSlater™ for the iPhone - the ultimate companion for SoundSlate™!

SoundSlater for the iPhone is the companion app to SoundSlate™ for the iPad as it lets you use your iPhone to collect sounds sync with your sound list in SoundSlate. It's easy to use interface makes it simple to record any sounds you need for SoundSlate, and then uses iTunes File Sharing to let you quickly populate the SoundSlate sound list with the sounds you recorded on the iPhone with SoundSlater. Assign the sounds to the buttons on your sound board pages and you are ready to play! Useful for dozens of applications, including DJ work, musicians, magicians, tour guides, preachers, and sound effect artists.

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SoundSlater Record Screen

  • Simple recording interface is easy to use.
  • Pause recording mode and resume to continue.
  • Information display shows:
  • Total number of sounds collected
  • Total recording time of all recordings
  • Recording time of current recording
  • Simple access to the sound list in one tap.
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    Clip to Evernote

    How do I get my SoundSlater sounds into SoundSlate? It's easy, just follow these steps...

    Step One - Record Sounds

    Use your iPhone to venture out and collect sounds! SoundSlater has a simple interface designed to let you quickly record, pause recording, and playback which gives you full flexibiltiy for field recording sessions.

    Record as many single sound files as you need, organized by date and time or rename them for easier recognition when you add them to SoundSlate. You can rename the sounds at any time.

    Even if you don't have access to iTunes, you can send single recordings or groups of recording via email for easy importation into any sound editing app.

    Collect Sounds

    Step 2 - Connect both Devices

    Connect the iPhone with SoundSlater to your computer and open iTunes (if it doesn't automatically open by default). And connect the iPad with SoundSlate on it. Both devices will be shown in the Devices list on the left side of iTunes.

    By connecting the devices, the File Sharing section of iTunes will display all the sounds you collected with SoundSlater, and it will also display the current list of sounds from SoundSlate.

    Connect Devices

    Step 3 - Save Sounds from SoundSlater

    With your iPhone selected in iTunes, click on the Apps tab (1) to and scroll down to File Sharing. Select SoundSlater from the list of Apps on the left (2) and SoundSlater's recordings will be listed in the SoundSlater Documents list as you named them (or date and time by default). Click on "Save to..." at the bottom of the document list (3) and choose a folder to store the sounds in.

    Now the sounds are on your computer and ready to be added to SoundSlate.


    Save  Sounds

    Step 4 - Add Sounds to SoundSlate

    Now select SoundSlate from the list of Apps on the left of the File Sharing section. You will see all the sounds from the SoundSlate sound list in the SoundSlate document list (2). Click on "Add..." (1) and navigate to the folder where you put the SoundSlater sound files. Choose the files you want to add to the SoundSlate sound list and they will be added to the documents list.

    At this point you have control over what gets added to the SoundSlate sound list - you have to tap "Sync" on the sound list page in SoundSlate for the added sounds to be moved to the sound list.

    All Done! Now you can assign the SoundSlater sounds to buttons in SoundSlate!

    Add Sounds

    Still having trouble? Please send us a note from our Support Page.

  • Sounds listed by date and time.
  • Tap to play and pause sounds the list.
  • Swipe delete or edit delete sounds.
  • Convenient "Delete All" command.
  • Access full detail view for more info.
  • Email all sounds as attachment CAF files.
  • Plug in to iTunes and sounds are automatically copied to File Sharing view.
  • Then plug in SoundSlate for iPad to add sounds to SoundSlate sound list.
  • SoundSlater List Screen

    SoundSlater Detail Screen
  • Details view gives you the following info:
  • Selected sound date and time
  • Clear field X for renaming that sound
  • Length of that sound
  • Date sound was recorded
  • Size of sound file
  • Change default sound label to desired name.
  • Email that sound alone instead of in group.

  • Why Use SoundSlater™?

    We made SoundSlater as a companion app for SoundSlate for the iPad, our most popular app and the "best sound board in the app store". Use your iPhone to record sound effects, music, lectures, notes, anything you need to populate SoundSlate's sound list. Or just use it as an easy to use effective sound recorder by itself.

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