AudioBoard 1.1 now in the app store - successor to SoundSlate

AudioBoard has all the features of SoundSlate and much much more in a brand new app built for speed and flexibility! AudioBoard is not a SoundSlate update - there is NO free upgrade! Discounted price (6.99 USD) for a limited time only.

SoundSlate 3.2 is a big update that includes the following new features and improvements:
★ IMPROVED RESPONSE TIME ON BUTTON TAP- We've been promising this for some time and apologize for the delay, but you'll get better response when you tap to play a button. 
★ AIRPLAY SUPPORT - We added the airplay icon to the right of the master volume so you can broadcast through any airplay compatible device. 
★ NEW EDIT MODE FOR ASSIGNING BUTTON CONTENT - Now you tap an Edit button at the top right of the nav bar to assign sounds and other button content. This speeds up the process compared to tap-hold. The background color changes to remind you to tap Done when finished editing. 
★ NEW NAV BAR SESSION TIMER - We've added a session timer on the nav bar in big green numbers to let you know how long you've been using the app from the first tap of a button. Perfect for timing the length of your events. Tap the timer to reset to zero. 
★ ENLARGED STATUS BAR AND SOUND COUNTDOWN ON BUTTON - We've enlarged the button status bar and count down time on the face of the buttons to make it easier to read at a glance. 
★ DEDICATED PORTRAIT OR LANDSCAPE SUPPORT - We added a "Portrait or Landscape" setting so user has control of layout changes when flipping the orientation of the app.

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Rated "Essential App" - by read the review  
"...instead of going to a recording studio or to the store to buy the necessary devices, just go to the AppStore and download SoundSlate." - read full review  
"SoundSlate is a great sound playback app that can replace expensive software and hardware solutions for many performance-related industry professionals." - read full review  
"SoundSlate is pretty unique and lots of fun"... - read full review  
"SoundSlate brings a wealth of customized potential to the table, and with easy file sharing and a spacious interface, we can easily see a professional house musician using the app in-set." - read full review

Using SoundSlate is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3...

Add Page Add Song Play Song

Read below for more feature details...

See SoundSlate's 2.1 Getting Started Video Demo on the spinthought YouTube channel here or just view it on our site (update soon!).

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  SoundSlate Video Demo by spinthought  
  SoundSlate DJ Video Demo by johnnyb321321  


SoundSlate overview image
  • Full iPod Library support including playlists and podcasts.
  • Multi-page sound board support lets you create any number of you own customized soundboards.
  • Soundboards are easily accessed by a finger swipe and tap on the scrolling thumbnail bar.
  • Each page and button have a note page to write or paste text and other information.
  • Polished metal interface has more of a real-world hardware feel.
  • Large animated buttons are easy to see and tap.
  • Supports fade in/out, volume level, repeat, and solo sound
  • Several tap gestures allow for full; control over the sound playback per button.
  • Images, colors, or camera shots (iPad 2) can be used for the button face.
  • Master fade and master volume control over all sound playback.
  • Playback time and state are shown on the button and also indicate the playback state.


App Store Reviews:

"This is by far the best app I have purchased since owning the iPad."

"This is a great app to use with [challenged] kids practicing conversation using pre-recorded speech."

"One of the best soundboards in the app store!"

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  • Assign any or all buttons with sounds from any of three sources.
  • Pick one of dozens of high quality sound effects that are provided in an alphbetical list.
  • Record your own sounds from with the Record popover control which are added to the sound list.
  • Or use the new SoundSlater 1.0 app to record sounds with your iPhone and transfer them easily to your SoundSlate sound list.
  • Select from any audio source in your iPod Library on your iPad to populate the sound list as well.
  • Label your recorded sounds anything you like.

Sound Tab


  • Create images using the iPad 2 camera or select any image from your Photo Gallery to use as a button face.
  • Alphabetic grouping and quick tap index list to assess sounds quickly.
  • Change any button to use any sound from the alphabetized list.
  • Comes with over 80 high quality sound effects.
  • Easy access to recording popover and iPod Library sources right from the sound list screen.
  • Added sounds are automatically alphabetized in the sound list.
  • Edit control to remove sounds from the library, even the pre-recorded sounds that come with the app.



Feature List
Bullet Sounds continue to play even when you switch pages
Bullet Volume control slider on each button becomes visible during playback for live volume adjustment
Bullet Countdown timer at the base of a playing button has a background color indicating the state of the button playback (yellow = paused or green = playing)
Bullet Master fade out button on the toolbar (shown as a rounded down arrow) lets you tap to fade out all sound gracefully in 3 seconds
Bullet Pause/play sound button toggles a pause state or playing state for all current sound playback
Bullet Master volume control slider on toolbar lets you adjust all current sound playback volume at once
Bullet Sounds now play directly from iPod Library to eliminate the need for importing sounds done in previous releases
Bullet Button setting popover UI makes it easier to set button sound and color/image
    Color palette selector for button face as well as photo album and camera (roll or live in the iPad 2)
    Initial volume setting to set the playback volume per button
    Fade in percentage setting for each button sound
    Fade out percentage setting for each button sound
    Stop other sounds switch for button sound exclusivity (with red dot indicator on button)
    Repeat sound switch for button to loop sound track over indefinitely
    Button notes tab for individual button notes
    Edit button label function in the notes tab lets you change the name after import
Bullet Dozens of new professional quality sounds added to the default sound list
Bullet File sharing compatibility with the brand new SoundSlater™ app for the iPhone
Bullet SoundSlate now also supports all the following file types: .caf, .m4a, .wav, .mp3, .aif, .aiff, .aac, .aifc, .mp4, .3pg, .caff
Bullet Updated and simplified help and quick help to get you going fast (with a quick start section for everyone that wants to set up a soundboard fast)

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