SoundEverâ„¢ for the iPhone

SoundEver for the iPhone is a perfect companion to the wildly popular Evernote® service. SoundEver lets you quickly record directly into Evernote® as a new note - by tapping, shaking, or just putting your hand on your iPhone, for those times you have your iPhone docked while driving. You can even set the app to "record on launch" so as soon as you start SoundEver you are recording into an Evernote® note! Continue current recordings even after switching apps. Save locally or only to Evernote, and set default Notebooks and Tags from your Evernote account.

SoundEver 2.1 adds Evernote OAuth support for their new secure login and authorization.

SoundEver 2.0 adds iOS 6 support and changes formats for the sound files to .m4a to allow playback in the Evernote Windows client.

SoundEver 1.8 and 1.9 add Japanese localization and fixes minor defects in the recording list.

SoundEver 1.7 fixes some issues with disconnecting from the internet during the Evernote connection process and a couple minor defects on the sound recording list screen.

SoundEver 1.6 introduced Bluetooth® support for headsets and ear buds. Now record and listen back using your favorite handsfree device. The new version also includes offline support in that you can now upload notes you record while you are not connected to the internet - just use the new Save to Evernote® icon in the recording list.

SoundSlater Record Screen


  • Bluetooth support.
  • Offline recordings can be uploaded once reconnected.
  • Records directly into the Evernote notebook of your choice.
  • Shake to start and stop recording for distraction-free driving.
  • Use new proximity mode to simply wave over the phone to record.
  • Record on launch and feature for fast access to recording session.
  • Optionally resumes current recording after switching to other apps.
  • Record to Evernote only option to save iPhone file space.
  • Saves as .aiff compressed format for speedy uploads.
  • Big buttons are easy to tap at a glance.
  • Record, Pause, and Resume recording easily.
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    Clip to Evernote



  • Records locally on your iP hone by default (can be turned off).
  • Preview any recording from the recordings list.
  • Recordings are date and time titled for easy organization.
  • Optionally edit the name of the recording.
  • Drill down to a single recording to play, rename, or email it.
  • Email entire recording list all at once for effeciency.

    Clip to Evernote


    How do I set up SoundEver to record into Evernote®? It's easy...

    Step 1 - Connect to Evernote

    Open the Settings page by tapping the "Settings" button on the main recording screen toolbar. Tap on the Evernote Account field shown to the right in the red box.


    SoundEver Settings

    Step 2 - Enter your username and password

    Enter the username and password you use when you sign in to Evernote. Then tap the "Login" button.

    Note: If you don't have an Evernote account, you can create a free one by tapping the "Create Account" link. And in you've forgotten your password, just tap the "Forgot Password?" link to retrieve it.



    Evernote Login

    Step 3 - Add your default notebook and tags

    Once you have linked to Evernote, you will be able to set a default Evernote notebook and default tags for your recordings. Just tap the "Default Notebook and Tags" button.

    When you are finished setting up your Notebook and Tags, just tap Back to the recording screen. If you decide not to select a notebook or any tags, SoundEver will just use your default Evernote notebook without tagging the recorded note.

    Notebook and Tag Access

    Step 4 - Pick your recording Settings

    SoundEver gives you several options for recording sound notes to Evernote:

    • "Save to Evernote" switch turns saving up to Evernote on and off.
    • "Only Save to Evernote" switch stops local recording; no sound notes will be saved on your iPhone. This disables the Play button, since there's no local copy in memory to play.
    • "Rec on App Launch" switch lets you set up SoundEver to immediately start recording on app launch. This lets you place your SoundEver icon someplace that doesn't require even a glance at your phone to start recording important notes. Tip: Add SoundEver to your launch bar for easy access on any screen!
    • "App Switch Resume" means you can be actively recording a sound note, switch to another app, and return to SoundEver and it will continue recording to the same note! This means no interruptions during a longer recording session.
    • Shake Mode (v 1.4+) lets you shake the iPhone to start recording and shake again to stop recording and send the note to Evernote.
    • Proximity Mode (v 1.5+) is mutually exclusive from Shake Mode as it lets you just move your hand close to the iPhone to start recording, and move your hand close to the iPhone again to stop recording, sending the note to Evernote.




    Step 5 - Start recording!

    SoundEver's LCD style display shows the Notebook you are recording into, the tags for that recording and the length of the current recording.

    The recording status indicator also shows when you are saving into Evernote and there is a audible tone when that sound note is done saving.

    You can pause a recording, resume it, and with "App Switch Resume" on in Settings you can switch apps and come back to SoundEver and continue to record to the same sound note!

    You can continue to record more notes even while SoundEver is saving to Evernote! Just tap the Record/Stop button and start talking!

    You can toggle Shake and Proximity Mode on and off from this screen (v1.4+) so you don't have to access the Settings screen when you jump in your car and want a undistracted method of recording notes.



    Recording to Evernote


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