SpinThought was founded after my position at a large CAD software company was "eliminated". Instead of letting people go in our time they let the job go, and whoops, I guess you have to go with it! I had been doing product design, specifically, user interface design for 11 years there, and 10 years before that at Aimtech, a multimedia software company that was swallowed whole by Asymetrix (soon called click2learn), and it now has been absorbed by another company barely related to software. After working for so long in the mega-corporation universe, I definitely needed a change. The iPhone was established as the premier smart phone, so I started SpinThought Inc., bought a couple Mac's, and searched for programmers to bring life to my app ideas.

Ben Kopf - Chief DesignerBen Kopf-Founder & Chief Designer

After a web search, I located a company called ZCO in Nashua NH USA, that specialized in mobile apps, and happened to have been founded by the very person who founded Aimtech! The ZCO team has helped me put together two apps, BatteryDrain (which was rejected by Apple - more on that elsewhere) and StoryPages for the iPhone. I have to say I've never had so much fun working so hard delivering products. Our home-based office was on the western shore of Cayuga Lake in the Fingerlakes Region of upstate New York, USA. This is a part of the country that is paradise in the summer and gloomy to the power of 10 in the winter. But for this designer nothing beats a warm day on a deck with tablet in hand dreaming up app ideas.

UPDATE (08/09/12): We have moved! Our headquarters is now in Canton, GA. NYS taxes drove us out. We are absolutely loving Georgia's friendly people, beautiful weather, and close proximity to Atlanta without being too close.


Eventually my spouse Robin took an interest in programming for the iPhone, and given her background in software development she learned how to program for the iPhone practically overnight! So during the production of our StoryPagesHD app for the iPad Robin managed to breath life into the rest of our product line, and established herself as our lead (and only) programmer.

A photo of Robin never coming soon.

Robin L. Kopf - Programmer

Ben Q. Kopf

Ben Q. Kopf - Quality Assurance

In an effort to establish a solid core of nepotism at SpinThought (and to pry him away from World of Warcraft), my son Ben Q. joined us by developing much of the sound media used by a few of our applications. He has risen to the challenge of multimedia cowboy and Quality Assurance lead.

Ben is holding one of the company's mascots, Gus the Maine Coon Cat.

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