BigAlarmâ„¢ for the iPhone

BigAlarm was an app designed out of frustration with existing iPhone alarm clock apps. How do you tell if the alarm is set and active? It's either a tiny indicator or a confusing button labeled "alarm on/off" that always makes you guess if it means it turns the alarm on or it means the alarm is currently on? BigAlarm solves this in a simple, big way - a sliding switch under the huge time display lets you know for certain if the Alarm is ON or Alarm is OFF, and lets you swipe a finger to change the state, making it easy to set, but hard to accidentally turn off. BigAlarm also provides a full screen tap to snooze, double-tap to turn off feature so you don't have to hunt for an off button while in dream state. Add to that a gradual awake feature, several alarm types including nature sounds, and you have full featured alarm clock solution for the iPhone.

Alarm On Screen

  • Super large non-digital looking typeface for numbers.
  • Large easy to read buttons, even in low light
  • Easy to ready alarm time indication.
  • Tap to brighten alarm face when alarm is on.
  • Select from many alarm sounds including nature sounds.
  • Gradual awake setting to gently awaken you from sleep.
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  • "No misunderstanding" button to swipe alarm ON or OFF.
  • Shake to turn on flashlight when alarm is on for nightime trips.
  • Swipe buttons prevent accidentally turning off alarm.
  • Tap to snooze, double-tap to shut off alarm.
  • Auto-dimming screen after 30 seconds.


    Alarm Off Screen

    BigAlarm Time Setting
    • BigAlarm Options
    Setting the alarm is simple and fast. Options include gradual increase alarm sound and many alarms.

    Why Use BigAlarmâ„¢?

    We made BigAlarm as a sister product to our popular BigTimer app because well, as you get older and the world gets more digital, I wound it hard to find an alarm clock that wasn't overdoing the digital analogy. Most alarm apps have a digital alarm clock look and feel and we deliberately avoid that so you can tell when the thing is ON or OFF, and more importantly, you can see the time without reaching for your glasses. Need to use the bathroom and don't want to wake your sig other? While the alarm is on you can just shake the phone on and off and the iPhone's (4+) flash will light your way. BigAlarm's auto-dim feature goes near dark 30 seconds after you set the alarm so you aren't annoyed by the light, but a simple tap anywhere on the screen will brighten it again for 30 more seconds. Even the snooze indicator is HUGE and BigAlarm audibly tells you when you set snooze mode and when you turn off the alarm so there's no mistaken what you did in your AM state of mind.) We use it, loved building it, and hope you love it too!

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